Multi Audio Tag Editor 1.0

MATE (Multi Audio Tag Editor) is a tag editor for MP3, FLAC, APE and WMA audio files.

A tag is a metadata, i.e. data about data. A tag provides additional information related to the audio data itself: the author of the lyrics, the composer of the music, the name of the album from which the song was released, the release date, etc. These tags or metadata make it possible to exploit large music collections more pleasantly.

The problem is that many audio files contain no metadata at all, while others contain erroneous, unnecessary or inconsistent information. Sometimes even the file name does not contain any relevant information. It is difficult, under these conditions, to identify a song without having to play it. This is where MATE comes in.

MATE allows you to correct or complete the tags of audio files. To do so, it has features that allow to correct or complete the tags of audio files:

  • to edit the tags en masse, with support for multiple tags (a single tag with several values) and tags containing line feeds;
  • to get tags from the file name or path;
  • to rename, copy (physically or symbolically) or move audio files according to the value of their tags;
  • to classify the audio files in folders according to the value of their tags (copy, move, symbolic link);
  • to quickly remove undesirable tags.

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