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Dreadlock Instant Privacy

Keep what you do on your computer private and away from prying eyes

Privacy is definitely a sensitive topic nowadays, as we make more and more of everything we do public, it is easy to see how some things that we want to keep to ourselves get leaked too.

While most people think of online activity when discussing privacy protection, few remember that some threats are also the other users you may share your PC with.

Dreadlock Instant Privacy is a tray-based tool that allows you to instantly hide the activity on your screen with a simple click of the mouse or with a simple keystroke, even from other users of the same PC.

A couple of extra necessary privacy keeping tools

Besides the primary function of hiding active processes between multiple users, Dreadlock Privacy allows you to perform basic privacy checks and system cleaning. This includes emptying the recycle bin, clear the recently accessed folder list, clearing of the temporary files, deleting Internet browsing history from any browser, and more. More so, if you don't want other users to know you are using this tool, you can choose the "Start silent" function, which disables the splash screen and minimizes it to the system tray.

A simple solution against local snoopers

If you fear the co-users of your PC spying on your activity more than you fear online hackers, then you should try Dreadlock Privacy.

Schedule tasks to run automically

The multitude of apps available nowadays, coupled with the constant upward trend in PC performance translates into an increase in the complexity of any workflow. Namely, users will work with more apps, instances or sessions, and getting ahold of all those will require some form of automation.

WindowCloser was designed specifically for such tasks and it will provide users with a minimalist tool that can be used for scheduling applications, tasks, jobs or even boot operations.

Ensembles for Windows

Comprehensive TAG editor for audio files. (.mp3,. wav, .flac and more)

MATE is a comprehensive audio tag editor for most common audio file formats. With mate you have access to edit common tags as well as extended tags.

Fully supports mp3, flac, ape, wma, wav.

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