Ensembles for Windows version 10

What is Ensembles for Windows?

'A group of items viewed as whole rather than individually'.  

Ensembles for Windows is a feature rich set of over 15 powerful tools working together to help keep your computer running smooth, clean and error free. Continue browsing this page to learn more about Ensembles for Windows. 

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Ensembles for Windows is a collection of tools that will help you maintain your privacy, clean of computer of junk and obsolete files. Features include zip file management, duplicate manager and DreadLock Privacy

Ensembles for Windows

Startup Manager

Manage applications that start when you turn on your computer. Start or stop programs, remove them from the startup location, create backups and profiles to easily restore a previous configuration.

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File Shredder

Don't just delete files that contain sensitive information. To ensure that when they are gone, they are gone, then use the File Shredder to permanently destroy them

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Dreadlock Privacy

Keep what you do on your computer private and away from prying eyes.  Use Dreadlock Privacy to ensure that no one, with good intentions or not, can peek into what you are doing.

Cleaner and Optimizer

Did you know that when you install a program or even when some programs are running they create several temporary files on your computer. These files are supposed to be deleted after the installer completes or after the application that created them is terminated however they often remain and you are left with orphan files. Orphan files adversely affect performance and consume drive space. The Cleaner and Optimizer fixes these issues.

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Application Manager

The Applications Manager builds on the standard Windows uninstaller by adding several new features that bring tremendous benefit. Sometimes when you uninstall a program there are residual files that will be left on the hard drive and residual entries in the Windows Registry. The Application Manager allows you to rid your computer of those orphan entries. "Inspect" installed applications, perform bulk actions and more.

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Duplicate files Manager

The Duplicate files manager is used to scan your computer for identical copies of the same files that are stored there.  Finding identical texts, photos, audio, and video files is easy with this extremely user-friendly tool. Select only the folders or locations that you want  and exclude the files types you do not want to scan . Duplicate files Manager is feature rich, flexible and easy to use with many options for scanning and removing files.

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Zip File Manager

Work with Zip files quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. The Zip manager is the ultimate tool to make working with zip files easier. Browse the contents , search and locate files within archives. Perform all standard actions. Add, remove,extract,rename files with this convenient tool. Preview the contents files without extracting or unpacking files and much more. Manage all zip files from one location in one workspace.

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Cleaner and Optimizer


What makes the Cleaner and Optimizer a great tool?

Your computer running slower.
As it gets older it collects unused files and settings which take up hard drive space making it slower and slower. EFW Cleaner and  Optimizer cleans up these files and makes it faster instantly

With Cleaner and Optimizer you can search your computer for junk and obsolete files that are using up your hard drive, slowing down your computer and possibly compromising your privacy. Several categories are provided for easily selecting which type of files you want to delete simply select the file type and allow the Cleaner and Optimizer to scan your computer and identify junk and obsolete file

When the search process is complete all files are grouped according to type. Complete details are provided for all files identified. From there you can easily select files to delete and files to keep.

The Cleaner and Optimizer is a powerful and versatile tool that will help you dive deep into our computer to identify junk and obsolete files that are using valuable space on your computer. Junk and Obsolete files not only take up disk space but over time they can cause your computer to run more sluggishly, cause system instability and compromise your privacy.

This tool will scan your computer and display junk file in Category view or the more advanced Details View.

From there you are able to select individual files or to delete groups of file or group of file by category.

Zip file Manager

Zip Manager

What makes the Zip file manager a great tool?

Using Zip file manager you can scan your computer for all zip files and maintain the list. From there you perform a number of tasks on the zip file including searching inside zip files without unzipping them. Add, remove or extract files. Rename and compare files.

Zip file manager is a full function Zip manager with many additional features

Duplicate files Manager

What makes Duplicate files manager a great tool?

Very few things waste disk space like having multiple copies of the same file on your computer. With Duplicate files manager you can easily take control of your computer.

With Duplicate Files manager, you can search, identify and delete identical copies of files easily and quickly. There are several criteria you can select to customize the algorithm used to identify duplicate files.

Getting started in easy. You can use the default setting or you can specify search and identification criteria.

  • You specify the search criterion that is to be used to identify duplicate files.
  • Select the types of files to search for.
  • Select the location to search (you can search local or network drives.)
  • Start searching

When the search process is complete all files are grouped according files identifies. Complete details are provided for all files identified. From there you can easily select files to delete and files to keep. With simple and advanced views dealing with duplicate files is easy.

Duplicates Manager
Duplicate files 

  1. Find duplicate files in any drive, folders and neighborhood computers
  2. Search similar and duplicate files by CRC, name, size and their combinations
  3. Search a file in results by inputing part of the file name.
  • Duplicate File Search Tool- Find duplicates for a specified file
    - Search in local computer and networked computers
    - Check file similarity by CRC, name,size and their combinations
  • File CRC Compare Tool- Compare two files by CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)
  • Large File Remover- Find and Remove unwanted largest files
Duplicate File Remover

  1. Move unnecessary duplicate files to Recycle Bin (Delete unnecessary files temporarily)
  2. Remove unwanted files permanently
  3. Rename selected duplicate files, move them to another folder, open the folder they are located
  • Application Log
    - Log all the actions of duplicate file scan and resolutions
    - Record file scan results
  • File Scan Settings- Set file scan scope on file date, size, and arttribution
    - Skip file type scan or specify file type scan
  • Permanent Freeware - Duplicates manager has a permanent free edition
    - Low-cost but powerful Pro edition available
    - Free Download, Free Scan, Free Up Your Disk Space

File Shredder


If you have a file that contains sensitive information then you don't want to just delete it. You want to completely destroy it. With the File Shredder you can complete destroy sensitive information from your computer making recovery impossible. File shredder uses enhanced file encryption, scrubbing and overwriting to ensure that once the file data is gone, then it's gone.


Application and Startup Manager

App Manager
Startup manager

The Application Manager is a tool used to perform actions and get information about application that are installed on your computer. It adds several enhancements not found in the standard Windows uninstall applications applet.

Sometimes when programs are uninstalled they leave residual files on your hard drive and orphaned entries in the Windows Registry. Over time these residual file and orphaned will have the negative effect of causing errors on your computer, causing crashes and generally slowing down your computer. With the Applications manager  you can perform complete u installations of applications ensuring that there are no orphaned entries left behind. In addition a number of nifty features have been added to include bulk operations, the ability to edit orphaned entries and the ability to learn every detail about installed programs.

The Startup manager lets you control which applications that start when you turn on your computer. Add, Remove, Edit, delete or disable Startup applications. Create backups and profiles to easily restore settings.

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