Dreadlock Privacy

Dreadlock Privacy

Dreadlock Instant Privacy is a tray based tool that allows you to instantly hide the activity on your screen with a simple click of the mouse or with a simple key stroke.

You can choose to hide or close individual windows, the active window or you may choose to hide or to close all the windows that are opened up on your screen.

Which version is right for you?

  1. Dreadlock Instant Privacy standard install (required administrator privileges)
  2. Dreadlock Instant Privacy Office (portable version - run from USB memory stick). No installation required.

Applications are hidden from the Taskbar, System tray and the Windows Task Manager when you activate Dreadlock Privacy.

Use a password to protect the application so that only you can unhide the application windows so that only you can show the  window again.

You will be able to clear the recently accessed documents, your Web Browser cache and browser history so that no traces of your recent activities are left.

Why use Dreadlock Instant Privacy? :-

If you want the ability to quickly hide the opened windows on your screen then Dreadlock Instant privacy is for you. Dreadlock Privacy works differently that standard Windows features that offer similar functionality. Compared to  WIN+D or the Windows Taskbar, you have better security because

  1. the windows are not visible on the Taskbar
  2. do not appear in the list of active tasks (ALT+TAB)
  3. are hidden from the Task Manager
  4. disable the Task Manager
  5. provides an option to disable ALT+CTRL+DEL keys
  6. clear Recently accessed documents, the Recycle Bin
  7. password protect your activity so only you can recall them
  8. automatically mute the audio.
  9. easy access with the Panic Button


Download Dreadlock Instant Privacy and try it free for 15 days, if you like using the software then we ask that you register the program. Users who are registered get free technical support and free upgrades to major releases.



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