Dreadlock Instant Privacy


Dreadlock (Instant Privacy) is a tray based tool that lets your instantly hide or close the windows (applications) on your screen using simple Hot Keys or a single click of the mouse.

Depending on the options you set you can hide or close the Active window or you can hide or close all the windows that are opened on the screen. Windows that are hidden can be restored as they were originally using hot keys or with the mouse.

Dreadlock Privacy has a floating Panic Button that can be placed anywhere on the screen. The Panic button allows you to hide or close the windows.

Additional features include

  • Mute audio
  • Empty Recycle Bin
  • Clear list of recently used files
  • Delete Temporary files
  • Disable the ALT+CTRL+DEL keys

Dreadlock Privacy is available for a trial period of 15 days.

Registered uses get free technical support and free upgrades for 1 year