Close running applications automatically

Automatically close opened programs at a scheduled date and time or based on a countdown

Close Windows automatically

Whether you choose the timer option or you choose a Daily, Weekly or Monthly schedule. Windowcloser lets you Logoff, Restart, Shutdown your computer, quickly, safely and hassle free.

Organize your Music

WindowCloser has powerful features that lets you scan, catalog and organize your music files according to setting you choose. All music can be organized in a central location according to Genre, Artist, Album, Year.

You can have all music files moved to organized folder or you can copy music files to organized folder leaving music files in original locations.


Easy to use sleek and intuitive interface

Windowcloser is easy to use with its clear and well laid out interface. On the left pane you select the tool that you would like to use and after applying  a few options create a schedule to fit your needs.

The Windows shutdown tool allows you to restart, logoff or shutdown and power off your computer based on any schedule you choose. This can come in handy after a lengthy file download is complete or after a movie or whenever you will not be available to shut down your computer.

Organize music files to central location

If you have many music files then the Music organizer will scan your hard drive and based on the setting you choose will copy or move all you music files to a central folder of your choice. The music files can be arranged according to Genre, Artist, Album, Year. You can arrange music files according to your preferences.

You can create a schedule for organizing files based on a daily, weekly or monthly intervals. You can set the date, days, weeks, months, start time for the music organizer to search for and organize you files.

All schedules run independently of the main program and WindowCloser does not need to be running for the job of organizing music files to be carried out. You can simply set a schedule one WindowCloser will consistently do the rest.



Clean you computer. Rid it of junk and Obsolete files automatically

To always keep you computer in top shape and performing at peak condition it is important to regularly clean you computer. Use WindowCloser cleaner to create a schedule that will automatically scan for a delete junk and obsolete files from your computer. You can create the schedule to run at anytime when you will not be using the computer.

You can set WindowCloser to automatically shutdown your computer after the cleaning is complete.

Get a free trial

Try WindowCloser risk free and fully functional for a period of 15 days. WindowCloser costs only $19.95 for the full version. Registered users get technical support and free updates for a full year.