Ensembles for Windows Version 10

Ensembles for Windows is a suite of tools that can be used to perform a variety of tasks that will help keep your computer running smooth, clean and error free.

Dreadlock Privacy Version 6.0

Keep what you do on your computer private and away from prying eyes. In the age of snoopers and hackers you never know who might be looking into your computer and everything on it. Its not just evil people you have to worry about but if you share a computer space at home, or in the office you may be concerned that someone may take a peek now and then. With Dreadlock Privacy no one, well intentioned or not, can sneak into what you are doing.

OBSMAN OM performance suite

The complete OM Management, Inventory, Fault Management and Reporting suite for fixed and mobile networks. OBSMAN Traffic Manager and Traffic Profiler provides you with a complete suite of tools to stay on top of current and future capacity demands for your voice networks whether fixed wireless, mobile or wireline. OBSMAN Traffic Manager/Traffic Profiler offers you the flexibility to eliminate guesswork, plan, forecast and predict capacity requirements to assure maximum performance and return on investment from your voice networks.

Music organizer
Auto shutdown Windows
Close applications automatically

WindowCloser (New)

WindowCloser is a tool designed to provide your with a number of useful features. With WindowCloser you can create schedules to

  1. Automatically close running applications
  2. Shutdown Windows automatically
  3. Clear your computer of junk and obsolete files
  4. Organize music and audio files according
    • Organize all the music on your computer based on Genre,Title,Album,Artist and Year. You can customize the way in which music is organized with simple selection.

Schedules will run independently of WindowCloser, the program does not have to be running for the schedule to be active.

Ensembles for windows 10

Optimize you computer make it faster, safer with Ensembles for Windows 10. Ensembles for Windows is a suite of 15 powerful tools to get you started. Save space, maintain your computer privacy, make your computer work faster, better and more efficiently with Ensembles for Windows.

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Dreadlock Privacy 7

Keep what you do on your computer private and away from prying eyes. Get Dreadlock Privacy Security suite.

Instantly hide or close the active windows or all windows  currently opened on your screen

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