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Gneesis Technologies Inc has been producing quality software and serving our customers since 2004. Our services include software development projects, product co-development, customization, integration, porting/migration and testing. Our methodology allows us to deliver  projects with high-quality at low-cost on time and within budget.

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Ensembles for Windows Version 10

Keep what you do on your computer private, keep it running smooth, clean and error free with this suite of over 15 powerful tools.

Discover more ways to wok with zip files, manage duplicate files, find and remove junk and obsolete files and lot more..

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WindowCloser (New version available!!!)

A Windows scheduler: Close running programs, drive maintenance, close Windows and organize music at a scheduled time with powerful features

WindowCloser is a handy automation tool that gives you the power to specify how and when to close the running programs on your system; shut down, log off, hibernate or reboot your computer. WindowCloser supports multiple tasks at a time and enable you to end background tasks effectively.

With WindowCloser you can create Daily, Weekly and Monthly schedules where you can close running applications automatically. Schedules can be single days, many days, everyday or combinations.

You create schedules that will close running applications or restart or shutdown your computer. you can schedule to clean your computer automatically, then empty the Recycle Bin, Clear the Internet cache then shutdown the computer. You can try a fully functional version of WindowCloser for a period of 15 days absolutely free.

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  1. Windowscloser can Shutdown and PowerOff/Logoff/Restart/Hibernate your computer automatically and on a schedule.
  2. Use Windowcloser  to close individual or multiple running applications automatically and on a schedule.
  3. Junk and Obsolete files cleaner. Clean your hard drive, clear your Internet cache, Temporary Windows and Internet files automatically and on a schedule.
  4. Organize your music/audio files. Music can be organized according to Genre, Artist, Album ,Year. WindowCloser Music Organizer will automatically scan your computer for music files and automatically organize your music and audio files according to choice.

MATE 1.0.135 New release free

MATE Lite  is an all-in-one audio application suite designated for editing tags of audio files. MATE is a powerful and easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of audio files.

Currently MATE lite supports batch tag-editing of ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4.  You can rename files based on the tag information, replace characters or words in tags and filenames, import/export tag information and more.

MATE Lite is  a free download. Download MATE Lite free.


Dreadlock Privacy (Latest version)

Keep what you do on your computer private and away from prying eyes.

In the age of snoopers and hackers you never know who might be looking into your computer and everything on it.

With Dreadlock Instant Privacy no one, well intentioned or not can snoop into what you are doing.


New!!! Dreadlock Instant Privacy Office Portable try it now. No installation required. No Admin rights required. Run from USB.

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OBSMAN 10/MGC 5020

OBSMAN. For the Nortel DMS, Alcatel E10 and Alcatel MGC 5020 WSS

Your network is the center of  your business. If you use the Nortel DMS family, the Alcatel E10 or the Alcatel MGC 5020 WSS then you need to check out the OBSMAN OM performance management family suite.

OBSMAN is a powerful bench-marking tool used to describe, monitor and improve network KPIs.

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Gneeosk - KIOSK

Turn any Windows based computer into a fully functional KIOSK machine. Highly customizable, Gneeosk KIOSK solution is a centrally administered application for ease of use and administration

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